Full Set of NovaLashes  $175

Requires Maintenance Fills 

Every 2-5 weeks~1-1.5 hours 

~Existing Fusion NovaLash customer $40-60 

~New customer with lashes from another salon/brand

(may require detailed separation or partial lash removal depending on original lash application) 


Longevity of lashes is dependant on each women's shed cycle.

It is recommend to get lashes applied after your period for longer lasting lashes

​Protect Your Investment!
Be assured after your lash appointment. Our exclusive AfterCare Kit contains Nighttime Conditioner and Cleansing Pads with pomegranate seed extract for conditioning, glycol and carbonate-free NovaLash Mascara, an extra mascara wand to comb through the lashes each morning, and an Aftercare Instruction Card.  $40

Wherever and whatever your occasion may be, Fusion offers a personalized set all your own! A full set appointment includes a complimentary consultation and thorough examination of your personal current Lash health.​​​​

Fore more information: https://novalash.com/about/why-choose-novalash/